Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aboard the Susan Constant ship and more Jamestown, VA pics

Exploring these ships were amazing. The cannon was so loud! What fun we had!

Jamestown, VA-our first colonies

Jamestown was full of history. We searched with Emma to find Pocahontas, looked at Indian villages, Colonial farms and settlements, and went aboard the Susan Constant and other colonial ships where we watched a REAL cannon being shot! BOOM!

Williamsburg cont...Colonial Life back in the 1800's

There were so many things to see and do. Emma was worn out (and so was mommy too) at the end of each day!

Williamsburg with Auntie Kristen and Grandma Lasecki

Emma had a great time with Grandma Lasecki, Auntie Kristen, and even Barb while we visited Williamsburg, VA for Grandma Lasecki's 70th birthday. Through the long days and late nights we saw many cool things that we shared with the ones we loved. We went to Colonial Williamsburg and saw what life was life for the first colonies and the first government they established. We even ate dinner at George Washington's favorite restaurant! We saw the capital building, the jail, taverns, and listened to the fifes and drums play (Emma's friends)!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BBQ pictures from July 4th

Fourth of July BBQ at Gee Gee's

Happy Birthday America! After Jason and Darren were able to use AAA to get into our car which we got locked out of (did you know electronic keys can't go swimming??), we all met back at Angie and Darren's house for a BBQ with Ford and his mommy and Daddy. The kids played in the kiddie pools, on the swings and climb set, and rode bikes in the yard. We had a yummy dinner and then sang Happy Birthday to America on its's birthday. All of the kids (and yes, Jason too), helped blow out the candles and then ate yummy cake! Ford shared Cheetos with Emma (or ate hers-hee hee) and Emma of course wouldn't eat her cake so mommy and daddy helped with hers too!

Waterpark area at Carowinds

Next we went to the water area to swim and play. There was a wave pool, lazy river, and plenty of fountains and splash areas for us to all have fun in on the hot day!

Emma kept looking for Gee Gee to swim with her, Cari splashed with her Daddy, and Mason chased Jason everywhere! The life vests were good to have too!

More fun at Carowinds

Once Mason was feeling better the Daddys took Mason and Emma on their FIRST roller coaster! I thought for sure Emma would cry because it was FAST, but Jason said the only time she cried was when it stopped because she wanted "more please"! She is so brave! Then it was off to a show that Mason and Jason volunteered in. Mason helped the mad scientist shoot off marshmellows at everyone in the audience, and Jason tried out an invention to try to catch flying cats in a funny hat! We all laughed when Jason tried to dance with the mad scientist!

Carowinds on the 4th of July in Charlotte, NC

After the parade on the 4th of July we went to Carowinds. We all went on Scooby Doo's Haunted House in Mystery Machine ride cars---Emma's favorite! She cried when she got off-not because she was scared but because she didn't want to get off! We rode it again, and then Mason and Emma rode the swing ride. Emma, a thrill seeker, loved that too! Then we went on the carousel with Darren, Gee Gee, Mason, and Cari so we could do something altogether. We had such a great day...then Mason got a boo-boo at lunch and had to see the nurse! He was so brave though--and all he could think about was getting an ICEE!

4th of July in Charlotte, NC

We all had so much on our first morning in Charlotte! Emma's big accomplishment was learning how to drink out of a straw! It's about time! Auntie Gee Gee took us to her neighborhood 4th of July parade. Emma got to ride in a decorated wagon with her favorite cousins, Mason and Cari! We saw fire trucks, blew bubbles, and waved pinwheels and flags while we marched in the parade!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Emma has the greatest Daddy ever! We had so much fun cleaning and getting ready for an early Father's Day while Daddy took a break and went golfing! Emma helped make Daddy a Scooby Doo Cake because Scooby Doo is her favorite. She helped pour the cake mix, measure out the water and oil, crack the eggs (which was funny!) and mix it up! We had so much fun! When Daddy came home we gave him BIG hugs and BIG kisses! We are lucky to have him! Happy Father's Day everyone!